Overview of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Practice in Oregon and Washington

Our firm protects consumers in the Portland metro area from abusive collectors. All of our attorneys have worked on behalf of Oregon consumers for over a decade. We believe so strongly in protecting the rights of consumers under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that we are willing to take all our fees from the hands of abusive collectors.

We charge our clients nothing up front to litigate on their behalf and only get paid if they get paid. We even pay the up front court imposed filing fees for our clients so that price is not an obstacle to seeking justice. 

Though our principal consumer law office is in Portland, Oregon, we also maintain offices in Seattle, Salem and Vancouver so that we can assist consumers throughout both Oregon and Washington. In addition to suing abusive debt collectors, our firm also files petitions for relief under the bankruptcy code to protect the interests of our Oregon and Washington clients. 

Contact our offices immediately if you are receiving any unwanted contact from any debt collector. The consultation will be both free and confidential. For information regarding our Seattle Bankruptcy Attorney office, please visit http://www.seattle-bankruptcyattorney.net/ and http://www.vancouver-bankruptcyattorney.net/  or tacoma-bankruptcyattorney.net If you have any questions regarding our Vancouver, Portland or Salem, Oregon bankruptcy law offices, please visit http://www.nwdrlf.com


Choosing the Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm to Pursue Your FDCPA Claim

The question is why choose our firm to pursue your claim under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. In answer, we would like to supply the following reasons for choosing us:
  • We charge nothing in the way of up front fees, taking all cases on contingency
  • We front the filings fees to the court so that price is not an obtstacle to making things right
  • We have been practicing in the consumer debt law area for twelve years
  • We enjoy an 'A+' rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • We have offices in both Portland and Salem, Oregon and both Seattle and Vancouver, Washington
  • Our consultations are free
  • Our attorney to staff ratio is three to one

Of course the main reason for choose our firm to pursue your FDCPA claim is that we are actually a local law firm. Most of the firms you see on google with paid ads and elaborate websites are just soliciting cases to refer back to an Oregon attorney that they choose to handle the actual case and kick back a percentage to them. Haven't you been baited and switched by your collectors enough?


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